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SOT 2024 Salt Lake City

Poster 349: Development of protein-based assay methods for authentication of insects in food and feed

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Poster 392: Assay validation and quantification of novel protein safety biomarker candidates for the detection of glomerular injury in clinical specimens

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Poster 413: Development and validation of assay methods for novel mechanistic protein biomarkers of drug-induced liver injury (DILI)

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Poster 432: In vitro models to determine the pre-systemic metabolism of the human intestine following oral administration

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Poster 725: Assessing Hepatotoxic and Nephrotoxic Compounds in HepaRG and RPTEC Cells by Key Signaling Events Using Multiplexed Microsphere-Based Sandwich Immunoassays

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In vitro models to determine human intestinal presystemic metabolism after oral dosing