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TransBioLine Project

Oliver an Hannes went to the TransBioLine Consortium Meeting 2022!

The project provides a unique opportunity to access a large expert and knowledge network, including data and samples from clinical trials, to enable the global safety qualification of identified novel biomarkers.

The TransBioLine project aims to develop novel safety biomarkers that will reliably indicate injury of the liver, kidneys, pancreas, blood vessels, and central nervous system for drug development purposes. By the end of the project, the team will have set up an infrastructure and processes to continue biomarker research across a comprehensive network of industry, academic institutions, and small and medium-sized enterprises, providing to the scientific community, industry and patients with detailed data across a large spectrum of advanced safety biomarkers.

Regarding sustainability, we have discussed how the achievements of the consortium can be made durable and available after the end of the project.

Thank you for the great discussions!

5th TransBioLine Consortium Meeting in Barcelona

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